A murder?

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A murder?

— Good morning, boss. I've closed a case.

— Good, Peter. Which one?

— The yesterday's case. The murder on the Beagon street.

— Oh! So quickly?! I want to hear your report.

— Ok.


"There was a call to 911 yesterday. A man said that someone killed his housekeeper. There are his statements". Detective put down a list of paper on the table in front of the boss.


"I'm John Greddy, 42 years old. I live alone in the house 32, Beagon street. I'm single. Yesterday's evening, when I came home at 10 p.m. I was very tired. I came into a room and switch on the ligth, but nothing happened. There is no light here. At all. So I went to a kitchen and took a lamp. Then I returned to the room and saw her! My housekeeper laid down on the floor. There were a lot of blood around, and there was a luster above her, which pierced through her head.

I was desperately afraid and called to 911 immediately. I didn't touch anything before a police came. My housekeeper must left my house at 3 or 4 o'clock. She always go out at this time. She was a good woman, I can't imagine who wish her go to die".


Criminalistes said that a time of the death is 2 p.m. Mr Greddy said that he was at work at this time. We checked and confirmed his aliby.

Then I waited a criminalistes report and when received it, find out a few interesting things. The door into the Mr Greddy's house was oppened the same as a small window in the room. And criminalistes find out a few pieces of ginger cat hair on the victim and a table under the window. Also they find out cat footsteps on a window stil and two broken flowerpots. But Mr Greddy don't have a cat.

I asked Mr Greddy again, if he noticed something strange in the room."Yes!", he said. He noticed the same things: a mess in the room and still working vacuum cleaner. I asked him why he didn't say about vacuum cleaner earlier. He said that he don't, because switched its off reflexively and forgot about it.

Than I went to the street and caught a boy, who lives in a neighbours house of Mr. Greddy's. He said that Mrs. Smith has a ginger cat and everebody knows that this is outdoor cat. Also he said that yesterday his mother was angry about cat and dog which run through her flowerbed and broke some flowers. It happened aproximately 2 p.m. She remember it, because she were watching TV show at the moment.

Then I told with other residents and realised all picture. That it wasn't a murder, it was an accident.

Yesterday at 2 o'clock street dog took after a Mrs. Smith's cat. The cat was very scared and run into the oppened door in the Mr. Greddy's house. Then the cat run into the room, but was more scared by vacuum cleaner's noise. So he jumped on the luster and it was fell down on the housekeeper's head and killed her. The cat in fear jumped on the table under the window, broke flowerpots and jumped trough small window on the street. And went out.


— Oh, God! What a awfull story and death.

— Yes, sir.

— Thank you for your job, Peter.

— Thank you. I'll go. I have to close once more case. Have a nice day, boss.

— You too, detective. Good luck.

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