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Обложка произведения 'Run!'

He woke up from wild chest pain, the pain was so severe that it became impossible to breathe. With a loud cry, he opened his eyes. A woman of about thirty or forty stood in front of him, a sight that could not be determined. Thick black hair fell freely below the elbows, green eyes and red lips, as if bloodshot. The smile of cunning and contempt did not leave the face. With all her appearance, she showed disgust to the guy lying at her feet. A long thin blade of a knife or dagger painfully dug into the chest, a smiling woman pressed slightly on the point and the knife went deeper into the body.

— Ahhh! It hurts after all! — He tried to get out, but her heel at the throat did not give the slightest chance.

“We will play with you now.” — said the stranger in an icy tone.

— Who the hell are you? — restraining cough and nausea, asked the young man.

“I am your fate.” Do you want to get everything back? Want to be in her arms again?

He immediately understood what this woman was talking about, but how does she relate to her? Fate It seems so she said. He did not want to play with her, but a knife in his chest and a heel at his throat deprived him of a choice.

— What do you want? The prisoner asked hissing slightly.

— I want to play with you. For a long time I watched you unsuccessfully fight over her return, I saw all your failures and senseless attempts to return her. I decided to help you with this. You only have to walk three miles from this house and it will be yours. Find her and get it. — With these words, Fate pressed even harder on the edge of the knife and the guy howled in pain, but then his scream turned into stifled wheezing after she squeezed his throat so that his face began to turn red and soon turn blue. — Do you understand everything?

Bursting with pain and suffocation, he still found the strength in himself for a barely noticeable nod of his head, Fate noticed his movement and slightly weakened the pressure of the heel.

“So run to her, fool!” Find her! — the woman exclaimed and removed her leg, pulling out a knife.

The guy cursing tried to get out of bed, the wound in his chest was bleeding, his heart was beating furiously, pumping more blood into the wound. He turned to the door and felt a sharp blow to his back with a whip. From surprise, the body curved in an arc and the young man fell to the floor leaving a bloody trail after him.

— Run, I said! — Destiny shouted again, reinforcing her words with the next blow of the whip in the legs. “Who said that these three miles will come easy for you?”

It was not necessary to repeat twice. Overcoming pain in his whole body, he rushed to the exit and already at the very door he was hit again, but his body was ready for such a turn, in response he only growled in pain, but did not stop running. Behind him was the laughter of his Destiny, his crazy Destiny.The front door hardly succumbed to his attempts to open it, as soon as a passage appeared between the house and the rest of the world, a chilling cold chained him to the bone. A blizzard raged on the street, impenetrable darkness and howling winds were all that could be felt once on the street. From the house, laughter still echoed echoing into the walls and causing the glass to tremble with horror.

White flakes of snow immediately covered his whole body, his eyes refused to open from gusts of wind, but he knew that he needed to run. Run Fate to her. Without understanding the road, the fugitive rushed into the heart of the blizzard. Of the clothes on it were only underwear and socks, Fate did not give the opportunity to get dressed or pack on the road. She kicked him out of the house under her wild laughter mixed up with the words “Run! Find her! ”And then laughter again.

If you run and do not stop, then the cold will not be able to get the upper hand, and perhaps he will be able to get to it. Without hesitation, the wounded youth ran what is strength. Gusts of wind knocked down, a wound in the chest hurt terribly, but this time the cold became an ally and the blood stopped flowing. He ran without looking back in an unknown direction, three miles, just some three miles and he was on target. The snow was everywhere, in the hair, eyes, ears, he stuck around the heated body with his cold embrace and did not let go. Gradually, she began to sleep. Do not sleep. To not give up. To run. It is estimated that no more than two miles are left. The body began to weaken, his legs got tangled from time to time and he fell, but every time he got up. Run no matter what. Feet were no longer felt, he ran through the snow leaving a bloody trail from his lost legs. Suddenly, a branch appeared in front of his eyes, which painfully slashed his face, the snow mixed with blood, his eyes flooded with an incomprehensible slurry did not open, and the icy wind intensified the pain. Hastily wiping his bloodied face with his hand, the guy, not stopping, continued his escape. There is very little left. It seems that the blizzard is not so strong, the prickly snow is not so painfully whipping in the face. Is he really on target? For an instant rejoiced in victory, he smiled. Refusing to obey the commands of the brain, their legs intertwined again. The toes were already blue, the tips of the ears were unbearably painful, it was terribly cold, only fresh wounds burned with fire and reminded him that he was still alive and could run. After taking a few more uncertain steps, he fell, tearing his leg against a protruding stone. Fresh blood poured into treacherously cold snow. Pain. The whole body in small cuts, a bloodstained face, purple scars from a whip and a torn leg. Does he not run? Less than a mile left. Suddenly, the snowstorm ceased, the whole plain was covered with snow, bare trees covered with a white hat.The wind died down so sharply that he did not even immediately realize what was happening.

“Run away!” Come on! Do it! I bet on you, argued with the sisters that you could run away. If not for this argument, then no one would have agreed to give you such a generous gift. Run! ” — a voice echoed throughout the valley.

And he ran. Overcoming the pain, he fled what is strength. A familiar silhouette appeared on the horizon. He saw her. I saw how she was eager for him, but she could not take a step towards him. She screams something, but still too far away to hear the words. “I am coming to you, love. One way or another. ”A little more. Just a few hundred yards and he's on target. We need to gather strength, the goal has never been so close. Gathering all his willpower into a fist, he ran again, but without taking a few steps, he fell again. Barbed wire was stretched under the snow, which tore his legs to the bone. Again this terrible laughter in his ears, which he no longer felt. Frostbitten legs almost did not feel pain, but lost the ability to run. Kneeling, the guy held out his hand to her. No, that was not the end. He will crawl and get to her no matter what it costs him. "Run!" Pounded in the temples. He could no longer run, but he could crawl and he crawled. Carefully pushing through the wire so as not to catch on it again. The goal was getting closer. With cautious movements, he palmed the way forward with his palms, he crawled, leaving behind a thick bloody trail. Weakness in the body from loss of blood, dizzy and wanted to sleep. Relax a bit, sleep and crawl on. But no. You can not do it this way. He must get to her. A protruding metal pin pierced his palm through him, and again the beginning of the wind drowned out another cry of pain. The howl of the wind mixed with the laughter of Fate and his own cry of pain drove him crazy. His knees burned with fire, his palm glowed spewing scarlet drops on the indifferent snow.

— I run to you. He whispered, panting.

Incredible efforts cost him a few more steps, and now he already sees her nearby, all that remains is to reach out and touch her. The finish line is literally a few yards away. Another step and more. His eyes darkened, consciousness left an inflamed mind. The exhausted body, exhausted, fell into the arms of snow and ice.

“I'm running to you,” the guy muttered, barely moving his lips. — I can handle. You will see. — The last words calmed down inside him. The motionless body was immediately sprinkled with snow, the cold chained all the muscles, breathing slowed down. It was necessary to sleep and gain strength. He almost ran to her. It was warm again, he had dreams, and a freed soul left a dead body in the snow.

“I told you that he cannot run.” You lost the argument. — One of the sisters of Destiny said.

— He almost ran.Look at his fingers. Another half palm and they would have touched her foot.

— Okay, we’ll assume that it’s a draw, but you still lost.

Wild laughter echoed through the snow and ice.

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